Its strategic location - right in the heart of Jakarta provides easy access to Jakarta's central business district, embassies, finest museums, and the city's biggest shopping centers.

The apartment is only 2KM away from the Jakarta Outer Ring Road Toll Road, guaranteeing you the best access to the other city parts.

The best hospitalsand medical centers in the city are located within 5-10 mins radius from the apartment area.

With its prime location, the residences easeparents to find the right school with easy access for their children. Many international qualified schools are closely located, such as Jakarta International School (JIS), Japanese School & Kindergarten, and Korean School & Kindergarten.

The city center living confers on residents a wide variety of other valuable benefits. It's a truly beautiful way of living that ensures you the best in every aspect of your life.

The Heart of Jakarta

It's Strategic Location, In the Heart of Jakarta Provides a Wide Variety of Other Valuable Benefits.